Local and national business phone numbers

Giving your business the impression of a local presence in multiple geographic areas is easy using virtual phone numbers with each relevant county’s area code.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to portray a national presence using just one advertised number, then an 0800 number is the perfect solution!

Virtual inbound numbers can help your business appear larger and more successful, stake a claim in new territories and generate more leads or sales

Local numbers

Far more cost-effective than renting additional lines from a telco, we can set up as many numbers as you wish to create local credibility in more cities, counties or countries.

National number

Convey a national presence with callers anywhere in the UK by adding a 0800 freephone number. Only available if bundled with live call answering, call diversion or automated messaging.

Enhance your marketing

Having multiple business phone numbers enables you to easily track calls from specific marketing campaigns to better determine ROI or manage different brands/sub-brands.

Appear more successful

Listing multiple phone numbers on your website, or a national 0800 number, allows your business to instantly look larger and more professional.

Boost your SEO

Set up Google My Business listings in various major cities with a corresponding local number to reach more people online for free.

Business phone number pricing

Please note: All phone numbers can be purchased only with a live call answering or automated messaging plan.

Additional local numbers

per month

Only available with a live call answering or automated messaging plan.

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Freephone numbers

per month

Note: Fair use policy applies.

0800 numbers are only available with a live call answering or automated messaging plan.

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For international numbers, enquire now. * Plus VAT. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

How it works

Bundle your virtual phone numbers

+ Live call answering

Ensure you never miss a call. Opt to have your incoming calls answered by our professional, local receptionists.

+ Voicemail to email

Have voicemails instantly emailed to you, on numbers not live answered, to ensure no important communications are missed.


Yes. You will be allocated an exclusive, dedicated local number based on the location of your company. You can either advertise this number directly, or forward calls to it from your existing business number. When calls are received to your dedicated number, our professional receptionists will be prompted to answer in your business name.

If your business would benefit from multiple numbers or an 0800 freephone number, you can add these for an additional cost. Please note, if you wish to port out your number at any stage in the future, this can only be done with freephone numbers.

Yes, you can forward any landline, mobile number or toll-free number to us, to be answered by our receptionists. Forwarded calls are seamlessly answered by our receptionists in your company name with the greeting of your choice.

Yes. ReceptionHQ can provide you with a local number for where you are based and, if you require it, we can also provide multiple numbers in different area codes. Advertising local numbers in additional cities or counties can give customers the impression your business is more established or has a larger coverage area. For a national appearance, we can provide you with a 0800 freephone number. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, we can instantly add a 0800 freephone number to your account, which gives you a national presence and allows callers to contact you at no charge.  For these specialty numbers, you’ll be provided with a list of available numbers to choose from, as we understand it’s an important decision and you’ll want to keep your national number for the life of your business.

What our customers love

We don’t have to worry about missed calls or the impact of this on our day-to-day business.
Lainton Services
We chose ReceptionHQ initially as they were able to source a telephone number that matched the district our office is based in.
Kabo Creative Limited
It’s extremely reassuring knowing we’ll never miss an important call or potential appointment, and at a very affordable price.
We Clean Any Home

Trusted by more than 25,000 businesses across various industries

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Want to try our call answering services for free?

Put the United Kingdom’s leading virtual receptionist solution to the test! We’re ready to answer your phone FREE for 7 days.

Want to try our call answering services for free?

Put the United Kingdom’s leading virtual receptionist solution to the test! We’re ready to answer your phone FREE for 7 days.

What does the free trial include?

Our free trial is based on our MyReceptionist service, with remote receptionists able to take messages and transfer calls based on your availability settings.


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